感悟时代变迁 汲取奋进力量 “影像留春秋”摄影作品展在安徽黟县开展

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Comprehend the changes of the times and absorb the power of forging ahead 

 "Images Staying in Spring and Autumn" photography exhibition held in Yixian County, Anhui

感悟时代变迁 汲取奋进力量


游客观赏影展 张娅子 摄





当日展览吸引了许多当地居民和游客观展 钟欣 摄









China News Service, Yixian County, Anhui, April 23 (Liu Hao) The "Images Staying in Spring and Autumn" photography exhibition by three famous artists, Zhang Dian, Ru Suichu, and Wei Dezhong, was held on the 23rd at the Photo Creation Base of China News Service, Yixian County, Anhui Province .

   A black and white picture, there are magnificent pictures of the workers fighting against the sky, and the joy of life of ordinary people, as well as the moments of the times in various aspects such as social transportation, education, and electricity. The exhibition on that day attracted many local residents and visitors to the exhibition.

   The relevant person in charge of the organizer stated that on the centennial of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the exhibition was held to allow people to perceive the progress and changes of the times, and to absorb the power of high spirits from the struggle in the past.

The exhibition is divided into three parts: Zhang Dian's "Great Northeast", Ru Suichu's "People · Years", and Wei Dezhong's "Red Flag Canal". There are a total of 90 photographic works, which record the changes in life, social development and era after the founding of New China. progress.

It is understood that Zhang Dian was the first member of the Chinese Photographic Society (later renamed the Chinese Photographers Association). His photographic works have won awards or selected in international competitions and exhibitions such as the Netherlands World Press Photo Contest and the American International Photography Exhibition; Ru Suichu worked as a photojournalist in Xinhua News Agency and People’s Pictorial. In 2014, he won the 10th China Photography Awards Lifetime Achievement Award; Wei Dezhong is the honorary chairman of the Henan Photographers Association. His photographic work "Small Reservoir Shows Supernatural Power" Won the Honor Award of the 14th Dutch World Press Photo Contest. Wei Dezhong was awarded the honorary title of "Lifetime Achievement Photographer of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles" at the 13th China Photography Awards in 2020.

   Zhang Dian’s exhibition works "Great Northeast" series show the industrial production and common people’s life in Northeast China in the last century. The curator Liu Yu stated in the preface to the exhibition that Zhang Dian has been engaged in photography creation for more than 60 years. In the great era, the intersection between the destiny of the individual and the torrent of the times collided with countless tragic stories, which became the epitome of China's development process.

  Ru Suichu's "People · Years" is a film exhibition with people as the theme. The picture freezes the changes in the family life of the people in China in the last century, including the field work scenes in the western rural areas and the life of Shanghai urban residents.

Liu Yu, the exhibitor of   Ru Suichu Countermeasures, said that these photos are not very artistic. But old photos carry history, and people can intuitively see the living conditions of people at that period, and hope that the historical information it conveys can help people understand that era and cause some thinking.

   "Morning soup, noon chaff, evening rice porridge shines on the moon" This is a portrayal of workers' lives when the Hongqi Canal was built in Henan Province in 1960. Under difficult conditions, the canal repair workers used one hammer, one drill and one hand to dig holes in the mountains and build bridges in the ditches. After 10 years of hard work, they built a 1,500-kilometer artificial Tianhe Hongqi Canal with a main canal and branch canals.

   Hongqi Canal has been repaired for ten years, and Wei Dezhong went to Hongqi Canal more than 80 times during the ten years. He took a few sacks of film and solidified a series of moving moments. Now the water of the Hongqi Canal flows quietly, and the heroes who repaired the canal have gone one after another. The canal repair pictures taken by Wei Dezhong at that time have become a vivid historical witness, conveying the Hongqi Canal spirit of self-reliance, hard work, solidarity and cooperation, and selfless dedication. , Is inspiring people in the new era to strive for a better life.

   This exhibition is sponsored by the China News Agency in conjunction with the Propaganda Department of the Huangshan Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, undertaken by the Photography Department of the China News Service, and co-organized by the Yixian People's Government and the Anhui Branch of the China News Service.

   China News Agency's photography creation base is located in the art town of Hongcun, Yixian County. It is a photography creation base jointly built by China News Agency, Yixian County Party Committee and County Government of the Communist Party of China, combining their respective resource advantages. 

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