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China International Association of marine photography  A glimpse of the establishment of Tianjin Branch


       In order to prepare for the establishment of the branch, the film friends of Tianjin Branch have worked very hard in recent days, and have done a lot of work. They have carefully planned and arranged for the film friends from the Federation and branches to collect wind and create in the surrounding mountain villages and seaside, which makes the film friends very satisfied.

On the afternoon of April 26, participants from all over the country arrived in Tianjin one after another.


Warm reception

Long island farewell to meet again, particularly cordial, hand in hand to move forward.


There are endless topics on the way

It is necessary to take a group photo when we meet after a long separation.


       On the morning of April 27, we came to "street sweeping" of Tianjin Fifth Avenue, a national 4A tourist attraction with five main streets, namely, horse road, munnan Road, Dali Road, Changde Road and Chongqing Road, which are parallel from south to north. It is the most complete building group reserved by Tianjin and even China.

Talk seriously, smile and listen, good harmony.


A common hobby of photography is to take a picture while walking, so that the third eye can record the facts.

      Taking off his military uniform, our lovely executive chairman, Lu Qijie, is lost in deep meditation when facing these ancient foreign buildings which show the architectural styles of various countries.


Share your work


Looking forward to the history and future of Tianjin


It is much joyful to share the joy than enjoy alone.


Although white hair, take a picture must find a fashion background.

Discover the beauty, click, click, click!


The smile shows Tianjin's enthusiasm


Relaxed and unrestrained, even smoking is so cool.


Looking back is also so intoxicating

At a glance, the intuition of photography is still so sharp.


Momentum, this is the momentum of marine photographers!

Immediately leave "five Avenue", drive straight to Jixian xijingyu, take time to take a picture.


Ouch, the president is really busy and still gives the secretary general a presentation, so that everyone in Tianjin must be well entertained.


Unconsciously become a free model, a face of surprise, but also showed a smile.


       Xijingyu folk photography village in Jixian county is a famous village of Chinese history and culture. Its unique stone style and mellow folk customs in mountain village attract tourists from all over the world. It is a famous photography village.


In the parking lot, we have to hold a photo exchange meeting for members. What a dedicated group.


       The stone houses in xijingyu village account for about two-thirds of the village, and most of them are old houses in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. It is a well-known, large-scale and well preserved historical village with important historical, cultural and artistic values in Tianjin.


I don't know how many photographers have stepped into the big sign lying here. Anyway, we are here.


The guide card that can't be stolen is so domineering.


Step as stool, happy group photo.


Vigorous pace, has been walking on the road of photography.


This is the way to practice Street capture


Happy Chinese, Tianjin Folk works are out of the box, photography is just like this.


Hey, hey, it's me. Do you believe it? I won't tell you who shot the folk works of happy Chinese!


You are just, your photography level knows?


Oh, I see. I'll pretend to be deep.


Hehe, who shot the happy Chinese?


Street Photos continue


Walking on the ancient road of Tianjin


If the shooting is not beautiful, I will not be happy. Ha ha, the girl smiles happily.


Another piece of "looking forward to the past" came out.


Hold your breath, close your eyes, go hunting and shooting. This posture is too professional.


In the twinkling of an eye, in the evening, we got together to have face-to-face communication with Tianjin photographers.


      Zhang Sheng, vice chairman of Tianjin culture and tourism Photography Association, and Wang Guangshan, an old local photographer, set an example for us by persisting in photographing the folk customs and scenery around us.


Sit down and share the joy of the day.

       Everyone is familiar with salt, but how much do you know about the history of salt? Today, let's walk into Tianjin Hangu salt farm to find out. On the morning of the 28th, we came to Tianjin Hangu saltern, which has a history of more than 1000 years, to visit the folk customs.


    Let me tell you something about the history of Tianjin Hangu salt farm.

      The predecessor of Hangu salt farm was once known as "lutaichang". According to historical records, "lutaichang" was built in 925 ad (the third year of Tongguang in the later Tang Dynasty).

       The raw salt produced here is white, transparent and pure in quality. It is known as "Lutai jade sand" and ranked as tribute salt. It is really worthy of the name.


Learn about tourism souvenirs and a broad eye. 


Tianjin Changlu Hangu salt farm Co., Ltd


       Caijiabao ancient boat "Hongshun" shows 600 years of fisherman culture. Since the 1960s, sailboats have been gradually replaced by motor boats. After more than 600 years of changes, the unique fisherman culture of caijiapu village has been formed. In order to better protect and inherit the fishermen's culture, the fishermen of caijiapu village went after the ancient times and rebuilt the ancient wind boat "Hongshun". When the conditions are met, a "one-day tour on the sea" will be developed to let tourists experience the fishing life of ancient fishermen.


The snow white salt mountain of Hangu


Everyone can't live without salt. This is the road to life.


       Hangu salt farm is the earliest coastal salt farm in China, and it is also the earliest recorded one in Chinese history. Beijing Tianjin Hebei's first salt industry scenic spot is located here.


Luhangu salt farm salt Dongfanghong locomotive also wants to punch in.


When President Meng Zhaocheng saw Dongfanghong locomotive, he felt a lot of emotion.


Wooden bridge of Hangu saltern


Salt, from here to poetry and distance.



       “和平之吻”成为一种标志,成为人们渴望和平、庆贺和平的标志。故事发生在1945年的 8月15日,当日本法西斯宣布投降的时候,第二次世界大战结束的消息传到美国纽约时代广场时一位欣喜若狂的海军士兵激动地搂过身旁一位陌生护士,旁若无人地长时间亲吻起来。

Kiss of peace  

      The origin of kissing between American soldiers and Soviet girls in Tianjin aircraft carrier Park 

       "Kiss of peace" has become a symbol of people's desire for peace and celebration of peace. The story takes place on August 15, 1945, when the Japanese fascists announced their surrender and the news of the end of the second world war spread to Times Square, New York, USA, a ecstatic Navy soldier excitedly hugged a strange nurse beside him and began to kiss for a long time.


The kiss of peace touched the world and me!


       Tianjin Binhai aircraft carrier theme park (hereinafter referred to as "Binhai aircraft carrier") is located in Bagua beach, Hangu, Binhai New Area, Tianjin. It is a national AAAA tourist attraction with a total planning area of 220000 square meters. It is mainly composed of "Kiev" aircraft carrier, and integrates aircraft carrier sightseeing, weapon display, theme performance, conference and exhibition, outward bound training, national defense education, entertainment and leisure It is a large-scale military theme park with eight film and television shooting plates as a whole.


Visit the aircraft carrier park.


       Tianjin Binhai aircraft carrier theme park employs Atkins, a famous international planning company, and Shanghai Qichuang, a top domestic tourism planning agency, to jointly carry out the planning, design and project planning of the theme park, and build the overall layout of "one axis, one center, two zones", namely, the main landscape axis of the aircraft carrier, the core of the Kiev aircraft carrier, the military sightseeing zone and the military experience zone.


        Tianjin Binhai aircraft carrier Tourism Group Co., Ltd. has carried out a restorative transformation of the Kiev aircraft carrier to maintain the style of the original ship to the greatest extent, reproduce the scene of the sailors' work and life, and develop participatory entertainment projects around the military theme. The open area of the ship is more than 80000 square meters, with a war command center, an information module, an aircraft carrier science and Technology Museum, a ship development history, a sailors' inclined cabin, an aircraft carrier science and Technology Museum Warrior corridor and other dozens of projects. Under the ship, Tianjin Expo pavilion, dock square, 4D cinema, aircraft carrier field camp and other characteristic projects will be built. 




       Finally, congratulations on the establishment of Tianjin Branch of China International Association of marine photography. We all wish that Tianjin photographers and photographers with glorious tradition, wisdom and diligence, under the leadership of China International Association of marine photography, work hard together to create more and better photographic works and make new and greater contributions to the cause of marine photography!

       At the same time, I would like to thank Ma Weiguo (Shihua), member of China Photographers Association, publicity director of China International Association of marine photography, and Deputy Secretary General of Shandong Oriental International Photographic Art Promotion Association, for his contribution to the establishment of Tianjin Branch. We will not forget your contribution.

       True friendship, the time of victory, can withstand fleeting time, can stand parting, can stand missing. Dear members, let's look forward to meeting again next time.





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